In Bed with Dispatch

In Bed with Dispatch I met Dispatch in January on their 2013 Tour. As Patty, their wonderful promoter on that tour, and I were waiting to be let into the night liner another girl was standing outside the Gruenspan, where Dispatch were to play that […]

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Snorri Helgason

In Bed with Snorri Helgason

In Bed with Snorri Helgason We met Snorri and his backing Silla (Sigurlaug Gísladóttir from Múm and Mr. Silla) in December 2012. It was f****n cold and we talked to these cold tried Icelandic people about layers of clothing and sleeping comfort. We recorded the […]

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In Bed with Lights

I met Lights at the Reeperbahn Festival 2012. By then I was quite used to meeting musicians but she was one of the best known artists I have had the luck to work with so far and I was maybe just a little star struck. […]

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In Bed with Dan Croll

We met Dan Croll and his Band at Haldern Pop 2013. It was an early morning session so we basically woke them up. Except for Dan, who had a another date straight after our session. That’s also the reason we couldn’t do an interview with […]

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Lucy Rose

In Bed with Lucy Rose

I think it was my first time at the super lovely Superbude Hostel St.Pauli when I met up with Lucy Rose in October 2012. I had recently seen her play at a festival and was really looking forward to the session and I was not […]

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In Bed with Locas In Love

This was a real Rock’n’Roll moment in May 2012. We did the session after the concert, in the bands hotel room, when everyone was quite exhausted (alcohol may or may not have been involved). It’s those moments I love when the band changed into their […]

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Team Me #1

In Bed with Team Me

Last week at Reeperbahn Festival I hat the extraordinary pleasure to meet Team Me again for an in bed with session and a secret gig in cooperation with sofaconcerts. They are the first band that I invited a second time and: there’s is the first […]

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Logo_Reeperbahn_Festival_2014 Kopiesmall

In Bed with Reeperbahn Festival 2014

Ok, so we went wild this year. 30 sessions. Oh my goodness. And every single one of them was special. I just posted the first interview on facebook. And there’s lots more to come. Here is the collection of all the instagrams I send out […]

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Asgeir blog

In Bed with Ásgeir

Reeperbahn Festival 2013. A sunny Friday morning. I enter a hotel room with only two guys instead of a whole band. One of them is Ásgeir Traustir. And instead of saying hello, I say “Where is the rest of the band? I wanted to ask […]

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Stu Larsen

In Bed with Stu Larsen

I met Stu in March 2013 in my favourite band apartment. The one from DOCKS / Prinzenbar. Stupid as I am, I forgot my recorder. Luckily Stu was very relaxed and understanding so I forced my roommate to come over with the recorder as fast […]

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Balthazar blog

In Bed with Balthazar

I had a wonderful birthday weekend with wonderful friends. The only thing that made me a little sad was looking at Balthazar’s picture from Appletree Garden Festival on Instagram. I would have loved to see them there and wallow in my memories. It was at […]

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Paula i Karol

In Bed with Paula & Karol

Paula & Karol I learned about Paula & Karol through a friend, who had seen them at Fusion Festival some time ago. When they were playing in Hamburg she convinced me to come along. And I instantly fell in love. They are such a wonderful […]

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