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In bed with Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

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I actually travelled all the way to Berlin for Adam Green & Binki Shapiro in November of 2012. I don’t think I want to say the name of the hotel, but everyone who has ever been there will know its features which are a topic in the interview.
But first things first: we met Adam and the crew in the lobby and had our first design laugh in the pink Barbyish elevator. Binki joined us in the hotel room and the topic stayed the same.
Sadly Binki was suffering some throat troubles and wasn’t feeling all that well. While we set up some small talk was going on and somewhere in the middle of all this Adam says ” I like you.” At first I wasn’t sure if I heard right and if he meant me, but my assistant that day ensures me that that happened. Well Adam, truly, I like you too.

The session turned out beautiful and it is my most watched video on my own youtube channel so far.

And the interview, well the interview. Let’s just say it’s about roomdecoration, tigers and other weird stuff:

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

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