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In Bed with Locas In Love

This was a real Rock’n’Roll moment in May 2012. We did the session after the concert, in the bands hotel room, when everyone was quite exhausted (alcohol may or may not have been involved). It’s those moments I love when the band changed into their […]

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Logo_Reeperbahn_Festival_2014 Kopiesmall

In Bed with Reeperbahn Festival 2014

Ok, so we went wild this year. 30 sessions. Oh my goodness. And every single one of them was special. I just posted the first interview on facebook. And there’s lots more to come. Here is the collection of all the instagrams I send out […]

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Dino Joubert blog

In Bed with Dino Joubert

Dino, the little heartbreaker. Dino was the test run for our session marathon at Reeperbahn Festival 2013. He was in Hamburg one week early so we could do the session totally relaxed, even at a friend’s place around the corner. The minute he walked into […]

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