Altonale Popnacht

On June 28th 2014 we had a bed put up in the park in front of the “Altonaer Museum” in Hamburg to record live in bed wiht sessions with the artists that performed at the festival later that night.

Hamburger Küchensessions:

Our first crossover session with Hamburger Küchensessions has just gone online. It is a wonderful piece with Sebastian Hackel


In Bed with is guest blogging at musikmussmit

In bed with is hosting living room concerts and secret gigs with Sofaconcerts.

Reeperbahn Festival
Logo_Reeperbahn_Festival_2014 Kopiesmall
The Reeperbahn Festival was helping us more and more every year. 2014 we were able to host secret gigs during the Festival!


WhiteTapes supports in bed with with band suggestions, moral encouragement and wonderful texts.

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