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In Bed with Asbjørn

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One of my nicest sessions ever back in 2012 at Reeperbahn Festival.
When I arrived at the place where Asbjørn and the band were staying the tour manager told me that they discovered that the staircase of the building had a fabulous sound. If I would mind if we did the session there. And I was: if you can arrange something that looks like a bed, why the heck not?
It was a bit tricky to put the camera up but when the band started rehearsing while I was setting up I totally got why they wanted to do it out there in the stairway.
And wasn’t it worth it?

During taking pictures I came to talk a little bit with Asbjørn and he was so super nice. I complained about a management that wouldn’t arrange a session with some artists because they didn’t like the in bed idea and he was so supportive and told me that he thought the idea was great and instantly wanted to do the session, when the request came in. He actually helped me out a few times getting in contact with some artists he knew. Fantastic guy.
And I told him, that I totally loved his dance moves and that some of them reminded me of Robyn. And so I’m really glad that I’ll have the chance to see them (Asbjørn the band AND the dance moves) again this Saturday for Altonale Pop Nacht. It’s going to be a blast!

Oh, and if you happen to be around: if the weather hold’s up we will be doing live in bed with sessions in the park from 2 p.m. till 5 p.m. right in front of the Altonaer Museum. And there will be two gigs with artist from Sofa Concerts! Come join!

I also did pictures for my headphone series (that is lying dead at the moment) that I never put up there (because it’s lying dead at the moment) so here they finally are:


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