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In Bed with Ásgeir

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Reeperbahn Festival 2013. A sunny Friday morning. I enter a hotel room with only two guys instead of a whole band. One of them is Ásgeir Traustir. And instead of saying hello, I say “Where is the rest of the band? I wanted to ask if one of them would be interested in marrying me!”
At least, after saying hello I explained that I was so fed up by Germany’s (non existing) response to the whole NSA surveillance scandal, that I was looking for countries you might want to live in, Iceland (where they are from) being one of them.

Needless to say, I left the room not engaged but with two wonderful sessions and a nice short interview. (Watch out for the tour manager’s laugh from the off at the question if Ásgeir is a morning person.)

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  1. Hihi, einen Isländer zu heiraten ist definitiv ein guter Plan für die Zukunft! Ásgeir hat eine Schwester, die auch mega gut singen kann. Hab sie in Island kennengelernt. Sympathisches & musikalisches Volk.

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