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In Bed with Balthazar

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I had a wonderful birthday weekend with wonderful friends. The only thing that made me a little sad was looking at Balthazar’s picture from Appletree Garden Festival on Instagram. I would have loved to see them there and wallow in my memories. It was at Appletree Garden two years ago where and when I fell in love with this band head over heals.

Especially Patricia.

So imagine my delight when “Rats” came out, which I totally loved, loved, loved and I got the chance to do a session with them on their album release tour in November 2012

You have to admire how Christophe keeps up brushing his teeth without spilling through the whole song!

In the interview you learn if you have the right partner for a long term relationship. Or not.

And if you wonder if I’m still in love with the band and Patricia, the answer is: yes <3

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