In Bed with Dan Croll

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We met Dan Croll and his Band at Haldern Pop 2013. It was an early morning session so we basically woke them up. Except for Dan, who had a another date straight after our session.
That’s also the reason we couldn’t do an interview with him, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Dan to come to Hamburg soon so we can do another session.
This one was so great! The guys were funny and sweet and I love, love, love the song!

We actually recorded two versions and after the first try Dan says “guys, do you think we can whistle the middle part, like this?” and starts whistling. Well they could! I think that’s what makes it one of my favourite sessions ever.

I just did a few new playlists with favourites for my youtube channel and this one is featured in both of them!

After the session we kept running into the band everywhere on the streets of Haldern (well, maybe two or three times, but it was still funny).

Later, of course I had to see the show, which I loved, and during the gig somebody started throwing pink roses!!!

Jacob caught one of them (admittedly not with his teeth) and I had to take this backstage picture after the show because the rose went so beautifully with his T-shirt.


Dan Croll

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