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Dino, the little heartbreaker.

Dino was the test run for our session marathon at Reeperbahn Festival 2013. He was in Hamburg one week early so we could do the session totally relaxed, even at a friend’s place around the corner.
The minute he walked into the room we collectively fell in love with him. Not that he is a womanizer or smart ass. He’s just so heartwarmingly shy and polite. And so nice! And by the way: a marvellous musician!
He was one of the artists I had not heard of before when I was scanning the festival line up for potential session candidates. One of those not yet very known musicians the Reeperbahn Festival booking team is so fantastic to discover. And thanks to them I discovered him and instantly asked for a session.

This is how nicely it turned out:

Since then I’ve heard him play two times, both wonderful gigs and I’m so looking forward to seeing him this Sunday in Hamburg at Hamburger Küchensessions free outdoor event. Come join if you’re around!

Dino Joubert

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