In Bed with Dispatch

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In Bed with Dispatch

I met Dispatch in January on their 2013 Tour. As Patty, their wonderful promoter on that tour, and I were waiting to be let into the night liner another girl was standing outside the Gruenspan, where Dispatch were to play that night. She turned out to be a fan looking for an autograph.
As the band is know to be very relaxed and friendly I asked them if they would mind her coming in for the session. Of course they didn’t. What a wonderful treat for a fan to get an exclusive serenade especially in bed, or in this case, a bed improvised setting.

I remember that they didn’t have a German adapter plug for my lights so we had to get power from the Gruenspan, which luckily worked out pretty quickly.
I also remember telling the band that I very sadly couldn’t come to see their gig that night because I had a date with god (aka Conor Oberst, who was playing Hamburg that same night). I actually said that.

But I meant the part about being very sad about it after they played this fantastic session:

Planning this blog entry, I wondered if we didn’t record an interview too. I was sure it wasn’t on my youtube channel yet. So I looked in my archive and what did I find?! This!


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