In Bed with Lights

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I met Lights at the Reeperbahn Festival 2012. By then I was quite used to meeting musicians but she was one of the best known artists I have had the luck to work with so far and I was maybe just a little star struck. But Lights was so nice and down to earth.

We talked later a little about how strange it must be for her to be in a country where basically nobody knows her yet while being famous at home. And she said that it’s a good experience because it is something that helps you stay down to earth.

I also remember that she just received a copy of a German tattoo magazine that did an interview with her. So we had a look at it.

All in all, it was one of my nicest experiences ever. And I love the acoustic version of “Where The Fence Is Low” she did for In Bed with.

In the interview you might just see how I hang on her every word and can’t stop with the moon eyes.

My photographer friend Dennis who came along to help filming on this special occasion also took a few stunning pictures of Lights:

And here are mine:

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