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Paula & Karol

I learned about Paula & Karol through a friend, who had seen them at Fusion Festival some time ago. When they were playing in Hamburg she convinced me to come along. And I instantly fell in love. They are such a wonderful live band that always exudes so much fun and positivity.
Funny anecdote of that evening: when I parked my car with all five of us in it I bumped against a pillar. Nothing really happened besides us being startled. Later when we met the band in the bar they asked us, if we came on purpose to see them or were just passing by by accident. And my friend who wasn’t listening closely was totally shocked and asked them how they knew about the accident. So I had to explain that i bumped the car and we had a laugh about that. Believe it or not, that story comes up quite often, when Paula & Karol come up in what context so ever.

As it happens the exact same friend came with to help when we did the session at my most used location, the super nice Superbude hostel. Meeting the band was fun as always and during the interview we had a hard time not to laugh out loud, it became quite surreal:


And we had the honor to get a brand new song for the session:


Paula & Karol

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