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In bed with Spring Offensive

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It’s no secret, that Spring Offensive is one of my top favourite bands at the moment. I regularly write them love messages on twitter or my German blog.

So it was a special delight for me to finally do a session with them June 2013. I’ve met them shortly some time earlier and was already quite sure, that they aren’t just fantastic musicians but also very likable people. I mean, that’s always the fear. You love a band and then they turn out to be total assholes? The music will never be the same. So believe me when I tell you: with these guys you will not be disappointed.
The location wasn’t disappointing either. When I was in that flat for my session with Asbjørn, we decided to do the session in the staircase so this was the first time for those bunk beds and bunk beds for that matter in general. While I was setting up we were talking and I just thought how perfect these bunk beds were. Spring Offensive’s videos are always something special. And in that moment one of the guys (I think Matt or Theo, but I can’t remember really) said, how typical it was, that they ended up in bunk beds when all my videos so far only took place in “normal” beds.

I honestly got goosebumps while we recorded the session. No joking. They just are so fantastic.

We didn’t have time to do an interview that day, they had to hit the road to get to Cologne, I think, in time. But luckily INTRO magazine wanted them for my column so I ended up mailing them some questions and Lucas answered them. The magazine only had a short version, but here’s the full length interview. Enjoy!

– If you could choose whom ever you want to perform a song in bed with you, who would that be (and why)?

Definitely Insomnia with Faithless. Ok, it’d be a bit of squeeze getting all of them in there, but imagine who amazing that “I can’t get no sleep” chorus would sound in a bed. It’d be hugely satisfying, don’t you think? If we build a big enough bed, maybe we can fit a couple of thousand people in it as well and just have a pyjama rave. I’m gonna get to work on this as soon as I’m done here.

- What is your essential luxury sleeping item?
An electric blanket. There’s a cottage out in the middle of nowhere in Wales that has absolutely no heating, where we’ll go for a week and just do nothing but write. It’s freezing when it’s not summer, and you have to keep the fire going all day long. Even then you’re still wearing ridiculous amounts of layers. It helps focus the mind. But the beds have got these electric blankets, which you switch on 10 minutes before heading to sleep, and it’s like crawling into a womb. You can’t beat it.

– Where are you going to sleep tonight?

In my bed in London, hopefully. We’re just finishing the pre-production on the last album session, which has been happening in London, before we head out to Oxfordshire and Wiltshire to record. I’ve been enjoying sleeping in the same place most nights.

- What keeps you from sleeping?
Very little. I’m usually asleep before my head hits the pillow. But I do go sleep walking, which sometimes interrupts the process. The furthest I’ve got is down three flights of stairs and about to go out the door. And once I woke up half way out a window. No scars yet apart from the odd bump on the head.

– What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Drink a lot of water. Since about the age of 18, I’ve always slept with a glass of water by my bed. Most mornings I wake up uncontrollably thirsty. Probably not a very good sign.

– Did something bad ever happen to you or anyone else because you overslept?

The only times I’ve ever overslept, I’ve been late for a lesson while at school or didn’t make it into a job I didn’t like on time. Those aren’t bad things in my book, so I’m going to have to go for a no.

– Do you have a notebook beside your bed?

Sometimes. I have a lot of different notebooks, and they’re usually in quite bizarre places. Someone once told me to write down my dreams. I don’t know how I feel about that. A lot of people invest quite a lot of attention into their dreams and the dreams of others, but some people find them incredibly boring. I think their pretty messy, generally, but they can give you an insight into things that you didn’t think were even on your mind. But I don’t bother to record them, because I’m not in therapy and I don’t feel the need to work through my subconscious. So the only time there’s a notebook by my bed is when I’ve tried, and probably failed, to write before falling asleep.

– What’s you’re favorite thing to do in bed besides the obvious?

Which is the obvious? I guess you mean sleeping? Other than that, I like nothing more than watching TV in bed. It’s the most ridiculously luxurious and decadent activity. I wish I could do it more. 

– Did you have a little light to fall asleep when you were a kid?

Nah, I was tough. In fact, I hate light when I’m trying to sleep. Within reason. When you sleep in perfect deep darkness, it’s weirdly claustrophobic. On tour we once stayed in a bunker in Aachen, and we were the only people in a building designed to fit a whole town, locked in, underground, and unable to see a thing. That’s quite an intense level of darkness, and quite difficult to feel comfortable in. But the next level down from that, that’s good. 

– Which books lie in or beside your bed?

I’m currently reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, so it’s on my bed. Right now, because of my lack of tidiness, it’s also joined by the book I’ve just finished; The Manticore by Robertson Davies, which is, ironically, a book about Jungian dream analysis.

- Which monster sleeps under your bed?
The ones from Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. They seem scary at first, but you just need to let them know who’s boss. Then we can party.

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