Stu Larsen

In Bed with Stu Larsen

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I met Stu in March 2013 in my favourite band apartment. The one from DOCKS / Prinzenbar. Stupid as I am, I forgot my recorder. Luckily Stu was very relaxed and understanding so I forced my roommate to come over with the recorder as fast as possible.
In the meantime we had a nice chat about getting famous and how much you can prevent letting it get out of hand if you really don’t want to get stadium filling famous.
And we talked about the ripple effect of supporting a major band and inheriting their fans. The moment when suddenly people want to take a picture with you.
The 20 minutes it took my roommate to come over flew by and finally we could record this wonderful peace:

Fun fact: it is number 8 of my most watched videos <3 Stu Larsen

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