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Last week at Reeperbahn Festival I hat the extraordinary pleasure to meet Team Me again for an in bed with session and a secret gig in cooperation with sofaconcerts. They are the first band that I invited a second time and: there’s is the first session I uploaded on my own youtube channel.

So before the new material get’s out there it’s time to look back two and a half years to March 2012.
I was looking for a bed near Moltow and got referred to a friend of a friend of a friend. And the funny thing is, that he wasn’t even there, when we arrived, another friend let us into his flat. Now that is trust! He even got home so late from work that the missed the band. So kudos and thanks to Jan again for being so generous.

And the band? So nice, so good! We had a lot of fun with the logistics of getting the six of them into this normal double bed. As you can see in the video I hadn’t quite worked out the thing with the lights yet and I didn’t have the good recorder, but it is still on of my favourite sessions.

And again, remember it was also one of the first interviews I filmed. Everybody was telling me that people don’t watch the videos if they are too long, so I stupidly cut the part where they are discussing snoring and are searching for a recording of the snoring on somebody’s phone. But I still love the idea of them dropping out of the bed one after the other.

Back then I was also doing this wonderful thing called song charade (which I really should pick up again!)

Team Me

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