In Bed with Locas In Love

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This was a real Rock’n’Roll moment in May 2012.
We did the session after the concert, in the bands hotel room, when everyone was quite exhausted (alcohol may or may not have been involved). It’s those moments I love when the band changed into their real sleeping wear.
The room wasn’t that big and I was squeezed into the wall to get them on camera. And I had to stand there for a while, because Björn fucked up the lyrics I don’t know how many times. Despite the late hour it was so charming, that we had a lot of fun with all the failed tries.
We ended up pinning a note to the wall above the camera with the keywords…


which worked!

We also recorded a very intimate and amazing interview that became so personal, due to the late hour and comfortable setting, that we decided not to publish it.

But the next album is due February 2015 and I hope we have the chance to catch up on that then. And at least I took a few nice pictures

Locas In Love


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