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In Bed with Mélissa Laveaux

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Oh Mélissa, what can I say? As I’m sure you’re going to read this I’m doing something different here today. This is a letter to you. Because Méllisa and me, buddies are we. But no: if we are anything we are girlfriends, because one of the things I adore about Mélissa is that feminism isn’t a foreign word to her. How do I know that? I follow her on Instagram, something I can warmly recommend everyone. It’s funny, there’s a lot of great art and sometimes screenshots of hilarious text-message conversations. But back to where it all started:

Dear Mélissa,

during Reeperbahn Festival (2013), which is – as every festival – more stressful and uncoordinated than any usual concert, we dragged you to an unkown address into a foreign flat and at the top of it all: into a foreign bed. Which you obviously didn’t realize before. You knew you were supposed to do a session. But somewhere along the way the fact that it took place in a bed got lost. So you were just a little bit shocked and I suppose not quite sure if this was going to be a good thing. But creds to you, you recovered fast and nicely. So we tried to set up your gear which confronted us with the next problem: your feet didn’t reach the ground sitting in bed. So we had to come up with something you could put your pedals on. We used your guitarcase, didn’t we? Or was it a suitecase we discovered in the flat? However, we managed and you played your session.

I have to admit: I hadn’t listened to your music that closely before the session. I was scanning through at least 100 artists. You came as a package deal and all I did was check if you were ok. Girl was I far off, You’re not just ok. You’re great!

And still I think the whole thing seemed a little suspicious to you. Hadn’t your German contact been in the room with us I’m not sure if you hadn’t turned around and left. And what did I? I stated that you shouldn’t be confused. I would just leave the room really quickly to get into a onsie and do the interview. What the hell?! But, I had a plausible explanation. Some time before I did a session with the lovely Zoe Boekbinder in that exact same bed and she was wearing that onsie and gave it to me afterwards because I loved it so much.
So we did the interview and what I already assumed from the little we spoke so far became clear: you are a funny, energetic and wonderful person.

Till later on instagram.

Yours, Katrin

Mélissa Laveux

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