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Logo_Reeperbahn_Festival_2014 Kopiesmall

In Bed with Reeperbahn Festival 2014

Ok, so we went wild this year. 30 sessions. Oh my goodness. And every single one of them was special. I just posted the first interview on facebook. And there’s lots more to come. Here is the collection of all the instagrams I send out […]

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Paula i Karol

In Bed with Paula & Karol

Paula & Karol I learned about Paula & Karol through a friend, who had seen them at Fusion Festival some time ago. When they were playing in Hamburg she convinced me to come along. And I instantly fell in love. They are such a wonderful […]

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Spring_Offensive blog

In bed with Spring Offensive

It’s no secret, that Spring Offensive is one of my top favourite bands at the moment. I regularly write them love messages on twitter or my German blog. So it was a special delight for me to finally do a session with them June 2013. […]

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