Year: 2018


We here at In Bed With love to talk about great musicians and books, and it isn’t limited to the wonderful individuals we have had the chance to meet through our In Bed With series. On Our Radar gives us a chance to share an indie artist or great book with the rest of you that hasn’t been featured on our channel. This post is dedicated to Tel Aviv indie pop band, Lola Marsh.


In May 2012, we were In Bed With Zoe Boekbinder. Zoe played us an acoustic version of Salt Water. If You’re interested in seeing how Zoe’s music has progressed in the last six years, be sure to keep with her via her website, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


In April 2012 were In Bed With Damien DeRose, better known by his stage name Peasant. Our team would like to take a moment to pay our respects to¬†Damien and express our deep gratitude for the opportunity to have known him through his music. When he payed us a visit a few years ago, he graced us with his cover of We’re Not The Same.